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Your Words Are Your Destiny

I’ve always been involved with helping people I love and that aligned me with the work of awakening to my purpose. However, like most, I was often taken over by discordant and challenging thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sometimes I’d be consumed by what was uncomfortable and other times I was quite clear—almost enlightened. Discovering two streams of consciousness, my soul’s desires on the one hand, and the conditioned being on the other, was the dichotomy that I grappled with. I now realize that I have always been guided, even in my darker moments, by my soul’s insistence that I awaken to the highest expression of who and what I am.

Becoming a psychiatrist was a natural evolution—the path of least resistance. The idea of writing things down came to me while working with patients; I couldn’t follow what they were saying and I was getting headaches trying to figure it out. Then I discovered that both the patient and I would become clear when I wrote down what they said—I had even hooked up a TV screen to a keyboard so they could see what they were thinking as I was typing their words. I painstakingly paid attention to what they said, this word, that thought, this situation, going back and forth with the patient until we arrived at the exact thought and feeling that anchored the truth of their experience. When that happened, a light went on for both of us; the light of clarity was the healing factor.

Law of Attraction Journaling was born as a way of allowing people to get to this place themselves via a series of journaling prompts and guidance. We get at our truth by writing down our thoughts, our words and their unique meaning to us. Click To Tweet Experiences, good and bad, are our guidance, fertilizer that we use to grow our gardens.

Because we have so many thoughts going through our heads every moment of every day, without writing them down, it’s impossible to actually see what we’re thinking about. When written, you see them, feel them, appreciate them and are clear of the thoughts. They are pinned to your Journal page. The process of writing down our thoughts compels us to acknowledge our challenges, a crucial step to fully activate the Law of Attraction.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we often forget that. I know that we’re here for a purpose; we’re here to enjoy the gardens we’ve been given and to be of service. However, to do that we must acknowledge and balance two distinct streams of consciousness—soul and body-mind—and appreciate the contrast of these two structures. This is the pathway of taking charge of your life and destiny and living from your soul.

What’s unique about Law of Attraction Journaling is that it’s not a core dump; it’s deliberately picking a few words about what wants to be improved, what’s not yet quite right. As a way to gain clarity with intentional, self-inquiry journaling, we may ask: Does this feel right? Is this true?

Through this process, we become conscious of what’s wanted and what’s not wanted—our hearts’ desires in contrast with the guidance from our human beingness. Most people identify with their egos; it can be a fearful thing to step away from that identity, the beliefs, and the fixed ideas of who and what they are. Writing it down gives us choice and mastery of what we’re thinking so that we observe it, feel it and are able to rewrite our life scripts.

The Law of Attraction Journaling Process

The Journal is configured with five Categories and five Perspectives. The process begins with choosing a topic, what we define as the pivotal point of attraction: What would I like to change? What’s not yet quite right? We start there and find a few words that feel true. We consider our topics—our guidance—as a starting point, viewing it through differing lenses—the Perspectives.

The first three Perspectives, Appreciation, Knowing and Vision, are what we call the enlightenment Perspectives. It is important to mention that the Journal is not meant to be approached from your intellect but by way of listening to that quiet voice of your soul.

The fourth Perspective, Current Reality, is the unacknowledged and unappreciated filter through which we view lives, our perceived stories. In this Perspective we explore what is uncomfortable; we don’t step over it because it’s valid and accurate information. This is often the most difficult challenge in this process.

Once we get to the Action Perspective, we now have a clearer picture of how we would like things to be, our visions, which informs how we handle what’s not yet quite right and moves us in the direction of our hearts’ desires. At this point, we discern those effortless, reasonable actions that we may take that are aligned with our visions. We do not want to tax the brain or push the body. We want to move within the flowing current of our lives. With practice, it becomes intuitively obvious. We remember the admonition, “Thou shalt not should on thyself!”

The process of the Law of Attraction Journal opens you to a different world. You intuit your answers and solutions because you’re grounded in the distinction between your heart’s desires and appreciating the valid human fears—the feedback you get from your human beingness. Taking conscious responsibility for what you think and feel is a key learning. Mastering the Journal process gives you the freedom of choice, as though from a menu of unlimited options.

At the core of the process is the realization that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your soul has a purpose. Click To Tweet The Journal helps your life unfold magically in the way your soul truly desired from before you came into this life. You resonate with the vibrations of your truth as an aspect of Divinity.

If you haven’t yet registered for your own complimentary and confidential Journal, you can do so via the link in the right column.

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