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Your Current Reality–Without Judgment

“The juxtaposition of vision (what we want) and a clear picture of current reality (where we are relative to what we want) generates what we call “creative tension”: a force to bring them together, caused by the natural tendency of tension to seek resolution. The essence of personal mastery is learning how to generate and sustain creative tension in our lives.” Peter Senge


file00082668738-300x202The Current Reality perspective, together with the My Vision perspective, allows for structural or creative tension and it’s the essence of personal mastery. The challenge lies in having the courage to boldly acknowledge your current reality, commit to writing it down in a way that best describes the situation, but to differentiate it from what you really want. This is not about focusing on what’s wrong but about identifying the gaps to be filled by what you truly desire.

The purpose of the Current Reality perspective in your Out of the Whirlwind Journal is not to place judgment or blame on yourself or anyone else for the state of your life; it’s the ideal tool to identify what aspects of your life don’t yet feel quite right.

It’s likely the case that your current reality includes ‘stuff’ from your past that you have yet to process, get clear about and ‘clean up’. This ‘stuff’ from your past may set you up with limiting beliefs and buried emotions. For example, maybe you grew up with the notion that those with a lot of money are dishonest.

The Current Reality perspective is where you can explore these limiting beliefs and any area in your life where you may react from a place of fear, anger, jealousy, or dishonesty. For example, do you act from a place of fear in your career, too afraid to push past your comfort zone to go for that promotion? Are you so angry from losing investments due to the economic downturn that you can’t get past it? Are you green with envy because your brother has a bigger house and a pool? Are you less than honest with yourself when you continue to indulge in your favorite snack and yet tell yourself it isn’t the reason for the excess weight?

Perhaps one of your visions is to own a home but your current reality is you live in an apartment; ponder why living in an apartment doesn’t feel quite right for you, and see what emerges.

Perhaps your vision is to have open and honest communication with your partner but your current reality is you find it difficult to open yourself up to direct and heart-centered communication with him or her. With this example, perhaps you learned how to communicate in a dysfunctional way from your family of origin; maybe you saw your mother, being controlled by your father, incapable of speaking up for herself so you unwittingly adopted the non-communicative way of being from her.

Please don’t beat yourself up! Only by honestly examining your current reality will you be able to move forward with action steps that will take you to your vision; you just can’t get to point B without knowing your point A. Just like a map that shows “You Are Here”, you need to know where you are today in order to set yourself on your optimum path for your vision of your future.

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