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2. Knowing my heart’s desire. Realizing my truth.

Knowing my heart’s desire is affirming my Soul Connection, my passion, or ‘an all encompassing sense of presence or beingness’. Claiming my ‘Knowing’ whether as; Love, Joy or Wisdom – as states of being. ‘Knowing’ a Higher Consciousness. When I’m in my ‘Knowing’, I’m in my, ‘Yeah!’ I’m in my, ‘Wow!’ I’m in my, ‘Assurance!’ I’m in my, ‘That’s It!’ I’m in my, ‘That’s Right!’ I’m in, ‘My Truth!’ I’m in my, ‘That’s Fantastic!’ I’m in my, ‘Oh, my God, I love it!’ ‘That’s it, Bang, That’s Me!’ ‘This Is Great Fun!’ ‘I Am Having A Ball!’


Here we wish to affirm our ‘Knowing’ as our Soul Connection. Claim our ‘Knowing’; Love, Joy and Wisdom as desired states of being. Here we are ‘Knowing’ of our Higher Consciousness. The concept of ‘Knowing’ presents a more compelling description of ‘Right Brain’ consciousness. ‘Knowing’ strikes at the essence of how someone would choose to be, if they had the choice to be the way they would like to be.

When we talk about being in your ‘Knowing’, it is being in your truth. And that’s not being in your thinking, that’s not being in your assumption.

When you are in your ‘Knowing’ you are tuning into and experiencing a higher level of vibration or consciousness. And when you are in your ‘Knowing’ you will observe that there is no fear. And also the way is really made clear for you as you develop your responses in the other Questions.

We want you to access your ‘Knowing’ by asking you to go back to a time in your life when you knew something in your bones, in your gut and anchor that feeling and that memory of ‘knowing’ in, so that they can honor it when it comes through as their your own spirit, yourown sense of ‘knowing’.

Being in one’s ‘Knowing’ is a key teaching piece of these five questions, most especially in question #2 where the focus is on those experiences of ‘Knowing’ that will inform responses to the other Questions

When you’re in your ‘Knowing’, it’s about ‘Knowing’ things, when you’re trying to figure things out you’re in your thinking, you’re not in your ‘Knowing’ you’re not operating in a high way.


What, where and when is the experience of ‘Knowing’ joy in your life? How would you describe it? What do you ‘Know’ that you love or enjoy about ‘being’ and ‘Knowing’ that you are ‘being’ in the now, the zone, in Flow? etc. The concepts such as ‘Knowing’ and being in Flow do not have to be explained as much as it has to be recalled and recognized. Remember those times when you were experiencing a natural high – and ‘Knew’ it, when you were so caught up in the moment you felt blissful – and ‘Knew’ it. Describe those occasions when ‘mindfulness’ and elation – your ‘Knowing’ – coincided and you re-discovered your passion.

Consider starting your responses with the following phrases:

My most fun thing was….

The thing I loved about….

My favorite memory is about….

When did I know something?

When did I know I was happy?

When did I know freedom?

When did I know something was beautiful?

When did I know something was perfect?

When did I know I loved something?

When did know I was in love?

My most fun thing was….

The thing I loved about….

My favorite memory is about….

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