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5. What specific actions can I commit to taking now to move me to what I desire?


Choose a specific action step or steps that you can reasonably take as soon as reasonable to convert your ‘knowing’ and current reality into an exhilarating new way of being, your new reality. (This prompt needs more work.)

This is the action engaging question: What type of actions could I take right now that could move me closer to my ideals? What resources do I need to make it right? This is a focusing question that guides constructive action.

How do you eat an elephant? You would eat the elephant, should you ever choose to do so – one bite at a time or one action step at a time! Keep these action steps ‘bite-sized’, that is, reasonably and realistically do-able and ‘check-off-able’. Thus, if the action step is completed, check it off and remove it, then, when ready, simply add another ‘bite-sized’ action step that moves you in the direction you desire!

Here essentially you want to set out your to-do list (my suggestion is that you break them out, number them as to priority and use the four areas of: Health, Relationships, Environment and Vocation / Avocation / Purpose.):

Here are some suggestions for action steps, e.g.

Daily edits to my Focus Journal.

Get a PDA and put audio files for meditation and creating, etc. by Saturday

Clean my clothes closet of outdated unused clothing – this weekend.

Get a nice outfit for the season this week.

Send flowers to someone special today.

Plan and book a fun and or relaxing weekend… vacation – today.

Etc. etc. you get the idea – these should be reasonably and realistically ‘do-able’ – and allow you to handle issues from Question #4 and move you toward the ideals of Question #3.

If you find that you are not completing one or more of your action steps, consider creating smaller pieces of this step. For example, if you want to have a meaningful vacation booked by a certain date, and find that you are not able to book it. Consider replacing this booking step with smaller and do-able steps such as; discuss the vacation with your partner by such a time, go online and see what is available tonight, get an idea of prices and options for this vacation and or create a desirable itinerary at one of the travel sites this evening, etc.









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