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4. What is really going on in my life? What is my current reality? What is not yet quite right?

The essence of ‘personal mastery’ is the ability to generate and hold a ‘creative tension, juxtaposing the vision (of what you want) and a clear picture of your current reality (where you are relative to what you want). ‘Creative tension’, is a force that brings them together, which is allows the natural tendency of tension to seek resolution. The essence of ‘personal mastery’ is learning how to generate and sustain ‘creative tension’ in your life. The ability to hold ‘creative tension’ is evidence of ‘personal mastery’ and is a key concept to the understanding of the ‘whole’ of these 5 Questions.



We need a clear picture of where we are relative to what we want. Existing conditions may be our Current Reality, but that doesn’t make them real in terms of our innate beliefs. Cognizance and bold acknowledgement of present circumstances, along with evaluation of their consistency with our vision, values, purpose and mission stimulate the creative tension that generates change.

This is our guidance as to what is not yet quite right in our lives and from this we may discern what we are wanting and what would feel better. This is called ‘The gap-defining question’: What is not yet perfect? This is the motivating question that defines the gap to be filled – what is needed to develop what is wanted. While this may look conspicuously like a “What’s wrong?” question, that would not adequately indicate how it processes in the brain.

Try to develop a ‘mnemonic’, a felt sense memory image with a metaphor or experience you have had, to create some themes that recur – this will emerge over time – – that you can feel or sense this as your ‘body-mind’ or ‘pain-body’ entity or felt sense of your ‘identity’ who you think you are or who you feel or believe you must be.



Relationships :




Vocation / Avocation / Purpose:


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