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The Essence of the Out of the Whirlwind Journal Program

Photo credit: Darnok, morguefile.com

Photo credit: Darnok, morguefile.com

My spiritual journey and journaling started in San Francisco during my internship in surgery, my career choice at the time, as I sought a path to address my unhappiness. This led me to record my dreams and to explore their hidden meanings. Over time I became aware that I needed to bring order and direction that I was not getting from the free-flow journaling, recording and exploring my dreams. So I started to play with the concept of intentional journaling by framing key questions about my aspirations and my challenges and thereby organizing my thoughts. This way, I could examine what was going on in my life. This is the paradigm with which the Out of the Whirlwind Journal program was born.

The Out of the Whirlwind Journal is a way to capture the energy and information revealed by your busy mind’s thoughts. The Journal prompts, together with coaching guidance, allow you to clarify and organize your thinking. You start to see what you think about. The Journal is comprised of several distinct lenses or Perspectives through which to view and edit (re-frame) your recorded thoughts and experiences of your life. In order to get that specific guidance that you’re after such as from a journaling practice, you must take the further steps of parsing out those thoughts, deconstructing them and re-framing them in ways that are more authentic. The more you follow this process, the more adept you become at organizing your thoughts, which leads to a sense of order emerging as you get at your personal truth.

It all begins by simply looking at what’s going on in your life or what you’re feeling. In essence, the Out of the Whirlwind Journal was designed in such a way that the Perspectives are working you; the questions are pondering you, instead of the other way around. What follows is a more intuitive way of connecting with what is desired while the ‘what’s not yet quite right’ issues dissipate.

The more you journal with Out of the Whirlwind, the more articulate you become—clearer, more expressive and buoyant language leads you to your own big ‘get’; you see that your thoughts are the creative matrix of your life. When you start to see your words as your essence expressed—your meaning in this life expressed—you really see the thoughts behind the experience you have in life and, going further, you begin to realize that you can re-frame those thoughts and transform your inner and outer life. That’s the value of the Out of the Whirlwind Journal.

Your intuitive wisdom naturally discerns the feeling behind the thought, word or expression. Your intuition then moves you to further clarify your words simply because you’re paying attention to them instead of letting them slip away like minnows through your fingers. You start to see what you’re thinking about and recognize that there’s a way out—a freedom from your often hopelessly confused and busy mind that manifests as a feeling of being lost in your own life experience.

As a potter shapes the clay, you, as the creator, shape your experience by observing your mind through your words and thoughts. Exposing the structure of your beliefs, identity and attitude to the journal pages, is like the potter throwing a ball of clay onto the potter’s wheel and shaping it into a work of art.

When guided by the Out of the Whirlwind Journaling coach or group, you quickly begin to understand that your thoughts—’good thoughts’ or ‘bad thoughts’—are your information and energy; they are your clay to be placed on the Journal fields to shape as you desire.

You then discover that YOU, and only YOU, are the creative force in your life and you can transform your life as YOU CHOOSE! This is a direct path to Self-Realization!


Photo credit: morguefile.com

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