Success stories:

“I found the online journal tool to be an instant and gratifying expansion of my existing journal practice. Even though the online journal is private, it still felt like I was taking a very actionable step just by posting my thoughts, hopes, and dreams in a form that was bigger than the notebooks stacked under my bed—like I was sending my intentions out into the universe in a very real way. I also really appreciated how the process was broken down into very doable parts—like a graphic organizer for the sometimes daunting work of self-change.” – E.L.

“Hi Mike, Here are my thoughts and experiences as I reflect on the past 4 years when I started working with you and the Journal.

The Journal was not something I was comfortable with initially. I remember at the end of our weekly calls, I would say to you this conversation was very helpful and insightful. I would take copious notes of our conversations. I would hang up the phone and feel encouraged. Yet. when I sat down to write in the Journal, I would become anxious, and would stare at my notes. I would write something then second guess myself until I gave up most times…lots of frustrations and failed attempts. I was, however, determined to achieve my goals and you knew it. You are patient, encouraging and you care. I knew you had been on this same journey, which gave me hope.

Talking with you weekly has helped me to understand that I was frightened by the idea of embracing my deepest desires and goals and letting go of the identity that I had created in my mind. I might have said I was an alcoholic but I didn’t want to believe it. I said I wanted to change yet I resisted doing so. The craziness was that I hated who I was yet I found comfort in my false self. You helped me see that this gap between my personal vision and my current reality is where the work needs to be done.

The new version of the Journal is where I am able to explore the 5 ‘Perspectives’ more easily for a few reasons. First is that I have more clarity about the 5 areas as they relate to me and second I like the new journal’s layout and flow. It makes it easier to navigate and use; and the helpful hints and suggestions provide some guidance when I feel stuck.

I take a few minutes to gather my thoughts and to get into a different frame of mind (I call it getting grounded) before I open up the journal to start writing. Once I am in the journal I find that my thoughts start flowing. Sometimes I experience Ah Ha moments when I am writing. A solution to a problem or issue I have been struggling with suddenly comes to mind. I find the discipline of writing in the journal helps me to organize my thoughts and to see what themes keep occurring for me. I go back and read what I entered and am always refining my thoughts and ideas. I have been using the Journal (old and new) for four years now and find that I am getting clearer and more succinct in what I write.

The new Journal helps me hold my focus. Thank you,”  – H.A.

“I enjoy writing in my Journal. I find solace there and a non-competitive place to go with no boundaries to document my thoughts, needs and objectives. And to have the option of sending my journal to you, for professional analysis, is a super bonus waiting in the wings! All good stuff.” – Y.W.

“This is for my-self” You hit on the operative word…this is for myself!” – A.E.

“I enjoy writing in the Journal what’s going well and what isn’t. If I want to exploit life to the max then writing it down is the key for me. If I recognize and write down what I didn’t like, I would be able to discern why I felt that way, or the events that led up to the way I felt.” – D.M.

“I like the journaling because I’m in control because I’m observing the thoughts the information and the situation. It’s not the situation, the thoughts or the bad feelings that are in control. It’s in a pure act of observation, it’s very didactic, it’s the real thing, it’s a wow!” – L.A.

“Once I write it down that I’m struggling or uncomfortable, I can see how I want things to be. The struggle is over! It’s funny, that after I wrote down what was uncomfortable it was released and it allowed space for positive things to happen shortly after my time journaling.” -L.T.

“I really like this feeling of satisfaction I have right now. I have a sense of freedom. Just sitting, even at the airport because my flight is delayed, I can feel happy. I no longer have to be on that treadmill to get to the next goal. Now I’m enjoying my day more. I now have that sense of fulfillment and not looking to have that house or a new car by a certain date.” K.S.

“I even see it now with the kids. Seeing the kids at the school and playing sports, I see some of the parents are putting a lot of pressure on their five-year-old kids. I am so relieved I don’t have to put that pressure on my kids. It’s just a joy to be with them as they’re playing and enjoy their sport.” – D.R.

“I wrote out what I was looking for in a relationship. It was liberating to be so clear about what I really wanted. I wanted someone who was loving, spiritually connected, she gets where I am at and I get where she is at, both on our spiritual paths, beautiful inside and out, a great sense of humor and she loves to have fun! I am now married to the love of my life, the woman of my dreams!” – P.A.

“For me, it was the power of writing affirmations in a larger, guided and purposeful way.” – E.S.

“At first it felt like a chore, like homework and I was resisting working on my journal. Then, when I understood that it wasn’t like filling out my taxes, it was to be open to and gather and organize moments of insight about what I liked and what I didn’t like in my life, I became more sensitive to these distinctions. And as I gathered and wrote down those thoughts or ideas that came to me, it became more and more effortless and even fun. I also began to see more clearly what was really going on in my life and what I wanted and didn’t want became the focus of my ‘action steps.” – J.M.