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Spirituality and the Law of Attraction

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Chardin’s quote is at the heart of what we teach at Law of Attraction Journaling. We believe that the Law of Attraction is spirituality; spirituality is the Law of Attraction.

A definition of Law of Attraction is you experience what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted. Law of Attraction, in its deepest sense, is wanting to experience your unique self in physical form in alignment with your Spiritual Self.

Spirituality is defined as the process of discovering who and what you are, as you experience your unique form of self-expression on the physical plane. In order to find out who and what you are, you first have to find out who and what you’re not. The unacknowledged and unappreciated aspect of the Law of Attraction is that you are not who or what you think you are. Simply stated, whatever you think you are, you’re not. If you think you’re a man or a woman, a saint or a sinner, a body or a mind, a self or soul, fearful or loving—you’re not that! Your ego-identity, however, is determined to hold onto its old ideas, your thoughts about yourself, others and the world. While these ideas and thoughts are valid and accurate, they are not your cap T Truth, they are simply your guidance.

The truth is that you are an aspect of Divinity. Click To Tweet

If you’re not who or what you think you are, if you’re not even your body, you merely have a body, and that body is associated with an ego-personality with thoughts, memories, emotions, etc., then who or what are you? The Truth is that you are an aspect of Divinity; you are Source, Soul or a Divine presence, you may call it what you like—I call it Love. Your Truth is revealed through that which lights you up, what you truly desire.

We teach that you comprise two streams of consciousness: Soul consciousness and ego-personality consciousness. When you are experiencing ego-personality consciousness, suffering occurs—and this suffering is your resistance to the flow of life, or at the least you may acknowledge that you do not like how you’re feeling. Those lower vibrational thoughts and feelings result in manifesting what you do not want. Your higher vibrational words, thoughts and loving desires are forms of your Soul expression—what you truly desire. The methodology of Law of Attraction Journaling is a path to allow you to map these two streams of consciousness.

What becomes obvious when exploring your words and thoughts with your Law of Attraction Journal is the deeper revelation of an existential lie about who and what you think you are. However, your ego-personality, with its unwanted suffering, holds onto the idea of who and what you are not. This unwanted experience of suffering and its felt-sense of dishonesty is at the heart of your human beingness.

The felt-sense of the existential lie of the ego-personality is that its words and thoughts, however valid and accurate, represent the touchstone of human beingness not Soul consciousness. Your current egoic identity emerges from its inception in Source and becomes identified with the physical body and social and cultural conditioning. This co-created identity becomes separated from Source, or heart’s desires.

The problem is that your egoic personality takes on a life of its own. It gives you a very compelling argument that makes you believe your discordant experiences represent you—your identity. That is not your Truth. But this sense of discord also contains the solution. Without a clear distinction of the structure of ego’s stream of consciousness, you cannot effectively navigate where you are in order to align with your heart’s stream of consciousness. In other words, you can’t get to where you want to go without first knowing where you currently are. You can’t have what you want without appreciating the guidance of what is not yet quite right in your life—what you do not want!

If you are able to recollect your earliest childhood experiences, you can remember how you operated from your sense of being—when everything was new and filled with wondrous awe. Your journey through life inevitably led to a separative self-sense that with time picked up momentum and gravity, and eventually became the tail that wagged the dog. When you meditate on the prior state of being, before the emergence of the separative ‘I am’, you re-enter the domain of beingness, the essence of existence itself, as perceived in early childhood. That stream of consciousness is always available to you when you open your heart to it.

In the process of spiritual maturation working with your Law of Attraction Journal, you appreciate what is not yet quite right in your life. You further recognize this as your guidance, which allows you to fulfill your Soul contract in physical form. Therefore, appreciate the discordant experiences of suffering, the felt sense of dissonance or the fundamental lie of what you are experiencing as your GPS. The spiritual practice of Law of Attraction Journaling guides you to engage in authentic dialogue with the vibrational resonances of the meaning of your words of Soul consciousness and ego-personality consciousness.

When writing in your Law of Attraction Journal, a roadmap of each stream of consciousness is developed. In the Journal’s Current Reality Perspective, you develop the critically important environment of your ego-personality’s stream of consciousness. Critical also in the sense that these ego-personality thought forms are filled with judgments, opinions and beliefs—your conditioned, reactive response repertoire. In parallel fields of your Journal you develop your Soul’s stream of consciousness. The practice of Law of Attraction Journaling also incorporates the Laws of Pure Potentiality, Detachment and Deliberate Creation.

“There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.” ~ ACIM Click To Tweet

Law of Attraction Journaling is a process of spiritual, meditative, self-inquiry of both the unbounded, unembodied words and thoughts that emerge from Soul consciousness—your heart—and the distinct embodied thoughts that emerge from human beingness. Writing down and exploring the meaning of your words in your Journal is meant to create a state in your field of awareness in which the revelation of the Self can take place.

The Four Key Life Insights: How to Enhance Your Spiritual Law of Attraction Practice

In our approach to spirituality inherent in the Law of Attraction, we teach a step-by-step mastery of what we call our Four Key Life Insights. Understanding them will clear a path to navigate, via your own self-observation, the organization, clarity and expanding consciousness of who and what you are. You learn to intuitively map and apply your heart-centered knowing through the meaning of your words.

For additional information about the Four Key Life Insights, please follow this link.

The animating techniques of spiritual practices such as reflection, meditation, journaling, devotion, etc., is to discover what you are not. In essence, releasing the seeking mind—everything that is not who you are—leads you to Source often expressed as Beingness—your Truth. Your own unique Soul expression and its attractive power emerge from this clarity.

We invite you to explore this for yourself by signing up for your own free personal and confidential Journal.

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