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Shifting Your Perspective

In considering your responses to Question #4 (What is not yet quite right in my life?), you may then seek to develop your responses to Question #5 (What am I desiring? What is my intention?).

Here is an example of how one approach to shifting your energy suggests you can language moving from the experience of fear or lack to the experience of knowing how you would like things to be. The take-away is that it is not so much what your vision or desire is, it is what your vision or desire does in changing your energy. And changing your energy or vibration attracts what is wanted – and it just feels better!

“So say, for example, you have always been frightened of tigers and your fear of tigers is the boulder in your room, for lack of anything better. We would say to you that your knowing of your safety becomes the new thought. I am in my safety with tigers becomes the replacement thought. I am in my companionship replaces the thought of isolation. I am in my perfect body and my perfect self replaces the intentions or the beliefs to keep yourself in pain over your physical form or your health. Do you understand this?”
Selig, Paul (2010-05-26). I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time (pp. 151-152).

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