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Law of Attraction Journaling–The What, Why and How

Students of the Law of Attraction understand that what we focus our attention on expands and becomes our point of attraction, whether wanted or unwanted.

If we know this, then why are we not attracting and living the lives of our dreams?

Perhaps the reason we are not getting desired results with the Law of Attraction is because we have not effectively separated the heart’s desire from the ego’s desire?

Please consider heart’s desire or will as synonymous with soul’s desire or will. Also the terms; ego, body-mind, conditioned mind, identity, persona or self-psychology are used synonymously in their unique expressions of desire and will.

There’s nothing wrong with the ego’s desire, however, it needs to be translated into the heart’s desire to clear the way for true manifestation.

For example, the idea of being well-to-do, such as in, “I want to be financially independent!”, is not wrong in and of itself but it is simply not sufficiently translated or expressed to turn it into a desirable and therefore more effective point of attraction.

The ego’s desires, your conditioned mind that attracts and creates your current reality, is oftentimes a jumble of what’s wanted and not wanted.

The key challenge addressed in Law of Attraction Journaling is to discern (or rather un-jumble), at the heart level, the distinction between soul’s desire and body-mind—your self-psychology.

The essence of a Law of Attraction Journaling practice is to clarify your heart’s desires or will based upon your intuitive or meditative insights and the guidance of your ego’s desires—your ego’s thoughts, your self-psychology—and that which is experienced from those thoughts. 

Your LoA Journal becomes your potter’s wheel—holding and revealing your truth as you illuminate the contrasting structures of soul’s will and ego’s will.

Law of Attraction Journaling allows you to reveal your soul’s purpose—intrinsically connected with your identity, yet your soul and your identity are separate forms of expression.

Your soul has its own intention in your life. It has its process of unfolding.

Your soul is readily available to bring wonder and delight into your life, if only you will allow it.

Your soul is waiting to play a bigger game, to open up to a bigger conversation. It’s part of another world awaiting your conscious connection to it.

Your soul is your path to your true home in this life.

Here David Whyte and Rumi resonate the central idea inherent in the intention, practice and results of Law of Attraction Journaling:

To remember the other world in this world
is to live in your true inheritance.

~ David Whyte

The scent of a rose garden reached you.
Otherwise, you would have no knowledge of these words.

~ Rumi

Your current identity or conditioned mind is the vehicle, the fuel, the GPS—or clay so to speak—for true Self expression. It is simply your psychic compost to grow your garden.

When your soul aligns with your true Self expression, the Law of Attraction manifests your desires. Well-being is attracted and manifested. Prosperity is attracted and manifested. The joy of living is attracted and manifested. You know your Self as a creator.

Using the Law of Attraction Journaling program, you discern and transform your obstacles into the energy of what is truly desired—your soul’s will for you.

When you write down your thoughts and allow those words to resonate within you, discerning the felt sense of those words, you permit your intuitive guidance to emerge. You know your Self as an aspect of Divinity, a Divine expression.

When working on your journal, I’m teaching you to access your Divinity as your own guide for your life. 

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