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Journaling Out of the Whirlwind

On May 27th, it was my pleasure to have a chat with Nathan Ohren to discuss the Out of the Whirlwind Journal Program. In his introduction, Nathan covered in a glowing and heartfelt way the elements of the program. He articulated the aspects of the Out of the Whirlwind Journal in a way that will help others grasps the complexities of the program. I am in awe and incredibly grateful to Nathan for reaching out and sharing in this project. Below is his introduction with a link to the recording of our chat. Enjoy!

Journaling Out of the Whirlwind

I am consistently impressed with each person I meet in the field of journaling; we are authentically glad to share our secrets, techniques, and we sincerely want to work in collaboration with one another.  My guest this week is Michael Pearlman, M.D., and while he is exceptionally gifted in the area of journal therapy, he is no exception to the generosity I have found among journaling teachers.  What sets Dr. Pearlman apart from others is the unique system he developed for transformative journaling he calls Out of the Whirlwind.  It’s free, online, confidential, and easy to use. This episode, Dr. Pearlman walks me through the five writing prompts of his online journaling tool, after I choose an area of focus.  The five prompts: APPRECIATION, KNOWING, MY VISION, CURRENT REALITY, and ACTION.  Listen as I transform a nerve-wracking dentist visit into “loving my mouth and all its inhabitants”.  You can also receive free training in this tool with Dr. Pearlman himself, on “Free Coaching Thursdays” once you start using the online journal. Dr. Pearlman invites me (and by extension, all journaling coaches, and JournalTalk fans too) to participate in the expansion and co-creation of the future of this tool.  Check out this powerful method for getting to the heart of any issue.  Let us know what you think, and how you could use it in your own journaling practice!  Your comments below are encouraged!  (JournalTalk, Episode #7, May 27, 2013)


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