Who is behind Law of Attraction Journaling?
Michael Pearlman, M.D. is a well known Boston area psychiatrist and Personal Life Strategist who, using the principles of Law of Attraction, focuses on the spiritual side of healing and creating a life of abundance. Michael guides people in moving from pain and addiction to freedom and joy. He has dedicated his professional practice to helping others find their way out of the drama of their stories to take charge of their lives and destinies. Michael has a deep, incisive understanding of the core issues of the people he works with.

What is Law of Attraction Journaling?
Law of Attraction Journaling is an intuitive, meditative, spiritual inquiry journal that optimizes the Law of Attraction. The Journal was created for those who wish to create change in their lives to manifest their dreams. The Journal guides you to clarify and appreciate your unique points of attraction; with this power, you then can intentionally attract your Soul’s desires, what is truly wanted in your life.

Why would I sign up for a Journal, and why is this important to me?
If you are a student of Law of Attraction, you may have noticed that practicing this Universal Law and getting results is sometimes more difficult than it is currently presented. By looking at your thoughts in the Law of Attraction Journaling Perspectives, you will intuitively access your Soul’s guidance. You will be guided to discern what your Soul desires on the one hand, and address your current personal concerns on the other.

Where can I access a journal?
You can sign up for your confidential Journal from the home page. You set up your own log-in information which is completely confidential and private to you. Once you have your own Journal, you can use it wherever there is an internet connection and it’s always available to you.

How does this Journal work?
The Journal works as a way to grasp what you are really thinking about. Because your thoughts create what you experience, and because you have so many thoughts running through your head every moment of every day, the only way to truly ‘see’ what you are thinking about is by writing it down. Once you have written down those few thoughts, you are in a position to intentionally appreciate their meanings for you. Essentially, you are the watcher, you are simply aware of the meaning of the thoughts that are creating the experiences of your life. From there, the unfolding Journaling process allows you to reframe those thoughts to attract experiences you desire.

What makes Law of Attraction Journaling different from other programs using the Law of Attraction?
Law of Attraction Journaling is unique to each individual. It is intentional, meditative inquiry into the specific concerns of YOUR life. Using the energy and information of your life, the Journal leads you to true self-observation and awareness around what is wanted and what is not wanted. Writing in the Journal allows you to untangle your thoughts and gain clarity. The results achieved are palpable as they reveal the fundamental essence of what is important to YOU. The more you work with your Journal the more you build on and expand what is wanted while handling what is not wanted as an expression of wisdom on your life’s path.

Who is this for?
Are you ready to awaken? Are you ready to get rid of the BS in your life? Are you ready to look fearlessly at your current reality? Are you ready to bring honesty to the page? Law of Attraction Journaling is for those who know there is something more or even something missing and are open to the possibility of another way of looking at life. Law of Attraction Journaling is for anyone who realizes that their story or life drama is simply the current Polaroid picture expressing itself and is not the final revelation of who and what they are. If any of these describe you, we are confident you will benefit from the Journal.