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Exploring the Gaps Between Love and Fear

When we are committed to improving our lives, we often observe discomfort and a sense of reluctance, even fear, when exploring the things in our lives that are not yet quite right, those things that really aren’t the way we want them to be.

But what if instead of fearing these areas you explored them with the perspective of curiosity or even perhaps a sense that there is something precious and wonderful about this information and that, in fact, this exploration can guide you to what is desired?


Let’s say, for example, you have a vision of financial independence and you would love to have a house on the ocean. When you think about this vision, feel the virtual reality of it. Feel how great it would be for your family, how you would love to sit in your living room and be inspired by that ocean view, how you would feel secure, confident and successful.

But then that sense of discomfort, resistance or fear rears its head and your ego starts to squawk: “You don’t deserve that!” or “Who do you think you are to want that?” Don’t be threatened by these thoughts because they are as valid as the thoughts surrounding your vision. Allow whatever thoughts, both comfortable and not so comfortable, to be revealed to you.

The purpose of the ‘Current Reality’ field is to write down these thoughts that are in opposition to your highest desire. When you do this, what has been experienced as fear, resistance or some other form of discomfort is now outside yourself, so to speak, and you can observe it and work on it dispassionately. Observing your written fears is like being ‘out of the box’ which allows you to work with them more thoughtfully and carefully with the freedom to review and revisit them until you become clearer and clearer about what is keeping you from your desires. Fear acts like guidance and while it may be a good servant, it’s a terrible master.

By continuing the process of writing down your thoughts and revisiting these thoughts in order to edit them to a clearer expression, you also clarify your vision and allow a full sensory expression of how you would like things to emerge. The Out of the Whirlwind Journal was designed to give you the place to explore and refine your “What ifs,” and your “Wouldn’t it be greats,” without judgment, for all areas of your life. Exploring these alongside those experiences that make up your current reality, particularly the things about your current reality that are not yet quite right, creates your structural tension. Holding this structural tension then leads to discerning comfortable, doable action steps you can take to start to release this tension and to move you closer to your vision for yourself.

Grasping the distinction between your vision—what you love and are wholehearted about—and your current reality—which is usually about some form of fear or limiting beliefs—creates magic. Write down what you would love more of in your life then watch the magic unfold.

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