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Leverage your time more by spending a little more time every day imagining and a lot less time every day doing. Do a little more imagining and a little less doing. Until eventually most of what’s happening is happening in the cool, calm, anticipatory state. Just imagine yourself into the successes, and watch what happens. Imagine a little more and act a little less. ~ Abraham


In a previous blog post we talked about S.M.A.R.T. action steps. But, I want to clarify that any action we take toward our desires need not be so concrete.

Our actions toward our desires can be fluid and much more subtle in nature. We may start exploring an issue and be met with obstacles or resistance that lead us to then address this resistance. This, in fact, is an action step. Editing our journal entries to clarify our resistance around a particular issue is an action step. Letting our subconscious get busy with the resistance, thinking about it, writing about it, meditating on it are all action steps. This is action on another level.

Mentally aligning with the energy of your desires and conscious consideration are deep forms of action. When we are informed by our desires, we energetically start to move toward them. Although not a physical action step, this shift is action nonetheless. And when we cultivate this way of being, this conscious consideration and shift in energy, action becomes effortless. We begin to find more of the language of our desires and more people start showing up in our lives that help propel us to those desires. Like attracts like.

Engaging in activities you enjoy is a form of action even if those activities don’t directly relate to the issue at hand. For example, your issue is you want to have a healthy body at a healthy weight. You love Latin music and you purchase CDs. You then download onto your iPod the music that you love to listen to. You then start going out for walks with your iPod and your walks become really invigorated from this music that you love. After a few weeks of this ‘action’ you realize that your pants are a little looser and you’re not nearly as winded when climbing stairs. So, while your love of Latin music is not directly related to having a healthy body, the action of purchasing Latin music not only allowed you to enjoy something you love but also became an ‘action’ step to having a healthy body.

Our action steps can be much more subtle than that one thing to do.

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